Best and Fastest Web Hosting

In this blog, we are going to learn about the best web hosting companies. After reading this blog post, you will get an appropriate idea of the best web hosting companies. And also it will be easy for you to find out the suitable web hosting package.

Moreover, the service of these web hosting companies are too good to say. Even your website will never be slow with these web hosting. But at the time of purchasing web hosting, make sure that you have chosen the perfect web hosting. You should focus on the bandwith, RAM and entry process limit.

01. Dreamhost Web Hosting

Dreamhost is one of the popular web hosting companies all over the world. It offers all types of web hosting services. Its main focus is on email and file sharing.

Its shared hosting package is one of the best available in the low price range. If you have more than 5 active users, Dreamhost’s shared hosting package is good for you.

Also, Dreamhost’s WebPro plan is better than most other web hosting services. So, if you are looking for the best web hosting services in different categories like web hosting, website hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, or online apps, then Dreamhost is surely your best choice.

Shared web hosting of Dreamhost is one of the best in the whole of the web hosting industry. First, we like Dreamhost as it is one of the most respected hosting providers in the entire web hosting industry.

The key features that we loved are: Fastest speed and bandwidth usage, free spam protection and Dreamhost’s clients who will always reply to your emails fast and promptly.

Additionally, VPS web hosting of Dreamhost is second best in the industry. You will get a huge amount of virtual memory to run your websites faster. Even your application will also run faster.

Outlook hosting of Dreamhost is ideal for companies who want to host their websites online. It comes with two separate bandwidth throttling zones with top priority and top response time. Additionally, your server’s boot speed, software support, software licenses and installation setup is done for you.

Dreamhost offers the cheapest software support on the web hosting industry.

This web hosting provider is highly recommended to anyone who wants to keep their website online. Dreamhost offers free domain registrations with each account and a fully refundable hosting plan with unlimited domain names, SSL certificates, e-mail accounts, domains and spam protection.

Its reseller hosting package is amazing and its website hosting package is highly rated by many.

For our budget friendly web hosting plan, Dreamhost is a good choice. You will get affordable pricing with its shared hosting plan. Its new customer management system is better than Dreamhost’s old one and that’s why, Dreamhost is one of the best web hosting service provider all over the world.

So, when you compare Dreamhost’s website hosting service then it will become better than your budgeted plans.

02. Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator is one the best web hosting companies in the world. You can host a website with the option of 1-hour installation of scripts, cloud-based backup and easy installation of PHP, Javascript and MySQL.

Hostgator Web Hosting Business is as well very reasonable with very good uptime of 100%. Hostgator web hosting plans are much more affordable compared to other web hosting companies. Hostgator does not offer any variable discounts.

Hostgator has premium Web Hosting plans starting from $5.90. There is a good selection of high speed SSD SSD servers, ECC RAM memory and SSD storage devices.

Hostgator does not offer a service refund. Hostgator only offers 30 days risk-free and money-back guarantee. Hostgator does not offer any promotional discounts. With few exceptions, you can get a site up in no time with Hostgator web hosting solutions.

Hostgator offers an unlimited email address for web hosting with the cheapest web hosting plans starting from $3.50 per month.

03. Inmotion Web Hosting

Inmotion web hosting company offers the best web hosting packages. InMotion offers a variety of Linux web hosting packages from Linux to Windows. The company’s plans are highly customizable, and provide plenty of space for apps, multimedia and more.

InMotion offers a wide array of free apps for all hosting plans. All these packages allow unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server backups. The company also offers a client-server hosting plan, an unlimited virtual private server plan, and more.

The plans start at $49.99 a month for unlimited bandwidth and the ability to host unlimited websites and blogs.

InMotion offers unlimited server backups, a friendly and speedy customer support, advanced feature extensions, hardware monitoring, and more. The company aims to offer the best web hosting experience, and work towards making the Internet secure and accessible for everyone.

04. WP Engine Web Hosting

WP Engine is one of the popular web hosting companies in the market. It provides WP hosting that makes your website look like a WP site in all ways possible.

WP engine makes your website look beautiful and fast. Some of the other website builders like Wix and Squarespace have some limitations in their hosting. But WP Engine is only WP engine, which makes it an ideal website builder for WordPress users.

It is useful in many ways including integrating your app or services on your website with the support of unlimited HTML and CSS files. The minimum monthly charge is $4.95 per site plus a 2% fee.

The other annual fees include $39 per site, or $58 per site with a minimum of 2-3 websites per year. WP Engine comes with unlimited bandwidth, WordPress core and plug-ins. The plans start from $29 a month and go up to $108 a month.

05. Namecheap Web Hosting

Namecheap is one of the oldest and famous web hosting companies in the world. With its name, online password resets, and DDoS protection, they definitely have a loyal customer base.

Now the company has launched a new offer, where users can get up to 10 gigabytes free of online storage. If you use the same username and password on all your websites, it will add to that free storage, up to 200 GB.

The company’s goal is to be the first cloud provider to reach 1 billion online users. They would certainly like to keep that goal, as they could see theirselves using this online storage service quite often.

They provide different types of hosting packages. From dedicated hosting to cloud hosting. And if you use their shared hosting plan, you can get 2 GB free of online storage for the first 10 GB.

If you use their high bandwidth shared hosting plan, you can get an unlimited amount of storage for as many sites as you use. So if you use 10 websites to host, you will be able to save up to 800 GB.

If you have more websites than this limit, you can always move to their cloud hosting plan, and you will get unlimited storage for as many websites as you want.

Our suggestion would be to use a hosting provider that offers both, dedicated and shared hosting because it is better for your security.

06. Green Geeks Web Hosting

Green Geeks is one of the best web hosting companies in the world. It provides extremely powerful and secure hosting services at an extremely low price. Read on if you are looking for top hosting services for multiple websites and services.

Green Geeks provides a great service. Its strong security and outstanding customer support make it one of the top web hosting companies. It can handle all kinds of sites with complete reliability and security. It has been in operation for more than a decade.

Green Geeks provides numerous other services to make your business easier. They provide domains and hosting services for all kinds of websites.

They provide a wide variety of services such as shared hosting, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and more. There is also a price cap.

Green Geeks provides a unique and innovative web hosting plan. It provides security for the best services and has multiple features to create new websites.

The web hosting company offers domains such as .com, .net, info and more for free, if you purchase web hosting from them. The cloud hosting provides excellent security as well. They are available for multiple domains as well.

07. Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting companies. The company offers two different plans, one for small websites and another one for larger businesses. Additionally, Hostinger provides you with unlimited domains and unlimited databases.

With Hostinger, you can host a website with super fast speed and you can save more money by choosing a more powerful server with high bandwidth. At the same time, the company provides you with unlimited bandwidth depending on the packages.

If you want a web hosting for web applications, you can choose Hostinger, but only the plans for web applications are cheap. If you want to create a website and it also provide a dedicated server, Hostinger offers.

08. Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is one of the popular and five star rated web hosting companies in the world. Bluehost offers all types of web hosting. Bluehost is offering Windows Server v6 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit only) servers (Updates), featuring a choice of configurations from SMB 3.1 to SQL Server 2012.

And also, there are 12 Windows Server 2008 R2 servers (64-bit only) to choose from with extra performance and reduced resources. The company also offers up to 300GB storage in a single Windows Server 2008 R2 server and 30TB storage in a single Windows Server 2012 server. Bluehost also has a Windows Server 2012 v6, v8, v12 and v10 upgrade.

Bluehost offers Free Domain Registration, $3.95 for web hosting in per month and provide up to 5000 webmail emails. The company also offers Free Hosting of WordPress and Creative Plugins (Upgrades to Wordpress and other services available). Bluehost provides unlimited bandwidth per website (Any Client Site), uptime guarantee up to 99% and a 30-day money back guarantee.

“While it is highly unlikely, and at the very least rare, for someone to actually win the lottery, you should absolutely create a website just for the people who matter most in your life,” Bluehost CEO.

To check out the pricing page, just head over to Bluehost. Add Bluehost to your web hosting list today.

09. iPage Web Hosting

iPage web hosting is one of the leading web hosting companies in the world. It provides several types of web hosting packages. Also, if you have a very big business, iPage provides a single web hosting package at a reduced price of $10/month. It covers unlimited email, web hosting and site maintenance.

You can always get the latest technology for your website without spending a penny. If your website is updated, it will be fast, secure and super speedy. You will not have to worry about having an outdated site. Even if a developer messes up, it will not affect your website.

Web hosting companies are becoming available on the web. Also, as soon as the latest web hosting pack is released, all the web hosting companies release it as well.

Searching for a reputable web hosting company is not that difficult. The shared web hosting of iPage is one of the best. It offers great performance, enhanced security, and enhanced features.

VPS web hosting of this company offers a very fast and highly secure web hosting system. If you wish to improve your website speed, then you can opt for one of the VPS web hosting plans. It gives you access to unlimited web space, unlimited domains and unlimited monthly disk space.

The VPS plans can be used for web applications and file sharing and they are highly secure as well. If you want to improve the speed of your website, then you can opt for the VPS hosting packages.

You can add as many users as you want. Each user has its own personal area. Only those users can log in and access the website. You don't have to provide any personal information to the website.

Even if someone wants to hack your website, your server will never be vulnerable. The servers are kept completely secure. More details of iPage VPS hosting packages are available on their official website now.

Dedicated web hosting of iPage features the latest technology and provides web hosting services at a highly affordable price. For instance, you can choose to make your website online with a dedicated IP address or with a shared IP address.

The dedicated IPs enable you to set up your website as a separate server. When the IP address of a user is shared with other users, the speed is decreased.

If a user is trying to access a shared IP, the speed of that user will be reduced. However, if you want to set up a separate IP, then you can select the dedicated IP option.

There are four different dedicated hosting plans on iPage. Each of these plans can host a maximum of 50 websites and have their own bandwidth.

Every plan has their own features. The features are slightly different for each of the plans. All of these plans have excellent performance. There is unlimited storage space and unlimited bandwidth. All the plans have unlimited email. To know more about the features of iPage dedicated hosting packages, visit their website now.

10. Interserver Web Hosting

Interserver web hosting company is one of the best and popular web hosting companies in the world. It provides several types of web hostings. But it has taken the web hosting world by storm in the last couple of years.

It has a wide range of web hosting services which includes shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers. Every web hosting is guaranteed to be a good experience. Their pricing has also been one of the lowest of all web hosting companies.

Preferably users should go with Interserver web hosting which provides a much superior level of security than many of the cheap web hosting plans. Like many of the other web hosting providers, Interserver offers 99% uptime guarantee which makes sure your site will be constantly up and running. For this one premium feature they charge you $99 per year which is a very reasonable price.

Interserver also offers free domain names to all their customers. This is one good option which does not burn a hole in your pocket. And it is very important because you will end up paying a lot of money if you have to buy a good web hosting account in the future.

Except for having the highest uptime guarantee, Interserver provides web hosting services at much cheaper price. Because Interserver runs its own servers, most of the other web hosting providers have minimum requirements for the hardware which needs to be used.

On the other hand, Interserver has minimum requirements which do not force the user to buy dedicated hardware or a server with a specific amount of RAM. This is something which is very useful for everyone. Just go with Interserver and you will not end up spending a lot of money.

So you do not need to worry about hardware as Interserver will offer you some good discounts and buy hardware in bulk which will also give you more savings. Unlike other web hosting companies which do not have the best security, Interserver provides security software which is very effective in protecting the website.

These benefits are usually associated with dedicated servers which are not that expensive. If you are looking for a good low cost web hosting, Interserver is one of the best options you can consider.

Even with the availability of a lot of cheap web hosting providers, Interserver is one of the best options. So if you are looking for web hosting plans that are packed with a lot of features, then Interserver is one of the best options you can consider.

They also provide a one year money back guarantee. Like many of the other web hosting providers, Interserver has the support of real engineers which is very helpful in identifying potential issues.

But just like most of the other cheap web hosting companies, Interserver has minimum requirements which will force you to buy dedicated hardware which will require you to spend a lot of money if you are looking for good hosting services.