Best SEO Tools for Freelancers

Hi guys! Welcome to another informative blog post. You are going to read about 12 best SEO tools on the internet in this blog post. These tools will help you to optimize your content whether it is a YouTube video or a blog. If you do not use a SEO tool, then it will be hard for you to rank your content on the search engines.

And as a result, no sales will be made from your content. To make your content SEO friendly, you must use one of the following SEO tools. It will boost your ranking on the search engines.

01. Semrush SEO Tool

Semrush is a specialized tool that provides both web analytics and technical information for search engine optimization, or SEO. This tool helps you find all the content about your business across the web. It also provides data for optimising, protecting and managing your websites through regular checks.

This tool allows you to search your website content by keyword and build a list of different keywords and helps to find out the Backlinks. You can make simple changes to any website and then easily compare them.

You can connect Semrush to Google Search, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and more and build an analysis for your each website and evaluate the changes with tools like that.

You can compare the website content and find out what you need to do to improve the traffic and the search engine ranking for each keyword. The tool helps in managing and promoting your online store easily. You can be aware of the traffic and improve the content if needed.

You can always compare your site with different competetors and identify the content you need to improve. This tool gives you the idea about your competitors and decide what you need to do to beat them.

You can compare the search engine rankings and compare it to the ones of other competitors. This tool supports SEO and user interfaces. This tool helps in detecting high quality based websites. You can get all the information about those websites to make your website more better.

You can get detailed information about your website and decide if it needs to be changed. It gives you details and data about your business on your business dashboard. The dashboard lets you monitor and share your website with others easily. If you have a business on any social media platform, then you can share it with them on the dashboard easily.

You can get details about each page and evaluate it. You can find out whether you have enough traffic or not. You can share your information with others easily through email or any other social media account. This tool also gives you a detailed search engine ranking information for each category of your content.

You can use this tool on multiple websites. This tool has advanced features. You can customize your website easily. This tool gives you updates for every updated page on the website. You can also get detailed information about the views on your website. You can view the traffic statistics and pages and analyse them if required.

The tool helps you in evaluating your traffic and website’s current ranking. You can understand the traffic factors in a better way. It helps you in monitoring the traffic for different categories.

This tool offers more options and features. It provides good stats about your website. You can use this tool to create SEO friendly blog posts. You can create tags and upload images using the targeted keywords on your website. It also helps in improving the search engine ranking of your images for the targeted keywords.

In all, you need a quality SEO tool and this tool is designed to offer you the best solutions. The tool supports all the search engines and provides you real time traffic information for your websites. You can evaluate your website through the tool.

When you are looking for the best SEO tools, you must try this tool. This tool also has the best features and helps you in searching out your website with ease.

02. KWFinder SEO Tool

KWFinder SEO tool is one of the favorite SEO tools in the SEO industry. It is an SEO tool that allows you to find keywords by its location in search engines. A tool like this can help you get into the best keywords for your content.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube have recently revamped their algorithms and these changes have pushed a lot of webmasters into competing to rank on the top position of customers keyword search.

What does that mean for you? Well, it means your website isn’t going to be seen by your target customers anymore because they’re going to seek out websites that rank. As an owner of a website that needs to rank, you have two options: You can either spend a lot of time and money on SEO and hope it pays off; or you can invest a little bit of time into SEO and use a tool like KWFinder to find keywords that you can optimize.

KWFinder SEO tool is used by a lot of major websites, like Hootsuite and Mailchimp. It is recommended to use this tool if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on SEO. This tool is affordable and easy to use and it works.

This tool will show you keywords that people are searching and getting in the top 3 results. Once you find those keywords, you can add those keywords into your website.

Once your website gets ranked into the top 3 position, it will start getting traffic from all the people that are searching for the keywords. After a while, your website will start ranking higher and higher on all the search engines, and then you can start ranking on more and more search engines. Eventually, you will be a part of that top 10 or top 5 of all the search engines, and that is how you win the race.

You can set up the tool by opening the tool online and clicking “SEO Tool” on the left. There is a description to set up your website with the tool, but you can also put in keywords in a box. Once you do this, the tool will show you keywords that match your website.

If you put in keywords that you think are good keywords, you can then set the tool to search for these keywords and find out which keywords are the most popular ones. And you may use those keywords to rank your content on search engines.

03. SE Ranking SEO Tool

SE Ranking SEO tool is one of the popular SEO tools for the content creators. The tool is specially designed for those professionals who are facing problems regarding the optimization of their website to compete with the other websites. With the help of this tool, you can rank the websites in the top position of search engines.

SE Ranking was also featured by Google for ranking good quality of content. The tool is being improved by the company more and more daily. The tool is already ranked in the first slot on the SE Ranking tool. The tool also allows you to rank a site for top search queries.

Users can also compete the quality of their content in the ranking tool. The tool also allows you to optimize multiple sites from one dashboard area. You can optimize the ranking of your website by comparing your ranking with other websites. This tool has helped thousands of people to rank their website in the search engines.

The tool can be used for ranking websites from top 100 to number 1 position. The tool ranks your website by the traffic that is generated from search earch engines such as Bing, Yahoo and other related platforms.

SE Ranking is actually designed for SEO experts. However, people who are busy and finding hard to rank their websites in the search engine can use this tool for ranking their website in the top position of search engines.

The tool allows you to rank your websites for different keywords. This tool has billions of keywords in it. You may check the pricings of that tool.

04. SEO PowerSuite SEO Tool

SEO PowerSuite SEO Tool is a comprehensive SEO software. Using it you can monitor and manage the ranking of your content on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine. Find every relevant keyword for your website, optimize the site for those keywords, and apply the keywords on your site to boost traffic.

PowerSuite SEO Tool works by analyzing the keywords on your website that ranks and enhances the site's rankings with specific keywords you have identified.

Once you know how to monitor and improve your search ranking, you can update your web pages and content with a click. By optimizing your site and writing content for your new keywords, you can rank higher on Google and take advantage of SEO PowerSuite SEO Tool.

It’s free for 30 days for SEO experts and you can pay for a custom plan once the 30 days are over.

05. Similarweb SEO Tool

Similarweb SEO Tool is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool to check the ranking of the content of you website from a particular dashboard. The tool is free and it works like a second set of eyes. It has 30 days of free trial. But the premium services are very useful for the SEO.

Similarweb checks your website and tells you how you’re performing on an average basis. So you can learn how you can boost your SEO ranking. You can look through your site’s rank on search engines and check on how you’re doing on different engines. You can also see that how similar websites are ranking on the search engines.

Similarweb will give you insights on how you can improve your website’s rank. You can check the top keywords that people are looking for and if they’re searching through keywords. You can understand the keywords in detail and improve on the search engine ranking.

Different sites are positioned with various interest levels. You can choose the level you want your website to be on and that’s the ranking you will get. The tool also shows how your site is performing compared to the content.

06. Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs SEO Tools are the ultimate toolbox of knowledge for everyone who is using SEO to rank the content or products on the search engines. If you want to improve your SEO performance, tools are your best friend.

There are many tools like Ahrefs that deliver value to you. Not all tools are better than other. At the same time, Ahrefs seems to be the most important tool in the market that can help you improve your SEO performance.

Tools like Ahrefs offer you free tools that can help you understand your website data, improve the visibility of your website, analyze the traffic sources, refine the SEO and other important aspects of your business.

Ahrefs SEO Tools is a must-use tool for all SEO professionals. There are many tools you can use, such as Keyword Explorer, Snapshot, Free Tools, Ahrefs Maps, Data Explorer, Ahrefs Analyzer, and Ahrefs Explorer, etc., for boosting your website rankings.

To help you make better decisions about your website, Ahrefs offers tools such as SEO Reports, Search Analytics, Keyword Tool, Search Traffic Sources, and more.

07. Moz SEO Tool

Moz SEO tools are used worldwide to find the optimum combinations of keywords, personalization, SEO and social media to get the best results. This powerful suite of SEO tools, with advanced analytics and robust news services, is used by Moz’s community of 3.5 million business-owners, professionals and digital marketers.

The tools allow you to: Improve your organic search rankings, Optimize your site for multiple variations of search terms, Increase your site’s relevance for searches over time, Get updates on trending topics, Create and share content on social media, Analyze relevant data, Moz SEO tool is offering effective marketing strategies and tools to their customers and web masters.

The tools help their customers to: Make use of search algorithms, Make use of meta tags, Create a better web experience, Build a great mobile site, Generate relevant content, Get information about news, Create and share useful content, Grow your content through social media, Create and share content with relevance, Entertain your visitors, Choose SEO tools wisely to get the best results. These tools are accessible for any websites or business owners.

If you want, you use the 30 days of free trial. If it satisfy you, then you may go for the pro account.

08. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a popular handy SEO tool for SEO lovers. It is totally free for users. It helps you track your keywords and find the best keywords to spend money on in order to achieve a better position. Actually it was built for business owners who promote their business on Google search or YouTube search.

To do SEO for your content , it's not a quite good SEO tool. Using the keyword planner, you can quickly create a keyword profile for all the existing content of your website. But the keywords are not too much effective to rank your content on the search engines.

It helps you in finding the best keywords to spend money in order to achieve a better position in SERP. You can filter keyword queries in order to see only the keywords that are relevant to your content. If you think that that's enough, then you are fool. Because it won't help you to rank the content on the search engines.

You can only research and select relevant keywords from the search and then enter it in the planner. The top 100 keywords of the planner are displayed in the Planner tab of your Keyword Planner. But keep in mind that Google updates the keywords search volume onece in a year.

09. Ubersuggest SEO Tool

Ubersuggest SEO tool keeps track of the keywords that drive up website traffic, it automatically generates a random title for each of these keywords, too. You can have it create a real title or just use a title generated by the tool itself to improve your content ranking.

SEO tools such as Ubersuggest are a good SEO tool at the starting point for targeting keywords, though most SEO specialists would recommend using tools such as SEMrush for the heavy lifting. But as a startar, you can go with Ubersuggest SEO tool.

In SEO strategy, the keywords themselves are key factor for driving traffic and ranking higher in the SERPs. To become a search engine optimization expert, you must first develop the ability to identify the keywords that are driving traffic and generate the results that you want. Ubersuggest is a great way to begin developing this ability and make your sites rank higher than your competitors.

The tool lets you know how many users are seeing the content of your website. It also shows you which keywords are contributing the most traffic. This allows you to take intial step to improve your existing keyword strategy.

Ubersuggest is available for free, but it is always best to test the tool before using it on any site. You may start and get familiar with Ubersuggest.